Dawna and John

So thankful for a few things today…
🥊For Rock Steady Boxing North Houston, Marilyn Renken, Jenee Y’Barbo Cisne for their awesome way of impacting the lives of those with Parkinson’s Disease. After only 3 classes, we’ve noticed some welcome changes for my dad!!
✊For their non-profit, Boxing Corp North Houston, that the two of them introduced to The Solana Vintage Park this morning – Daddy enjoyed demonstrating, and so many of the residents LOVED it!!
💫For the freedom that I have to work within our community & meet people like this daily…all because of a decision I made 13 years ago to change the way I work & partner with the best company ever!
💟And most importantly, that I don’t miss out on moments like these with our family – celebrating his success today!

IMG_3357[4327] (2)