It’s gloomy out

Time to get off the couch and to the gym. I say this for myself as well. It’s so very easy to turn the TV on and veg. If it’s cold and wet out it’s that much easier. Do whatever you need to do to break that chain of events. For me it’s using the radio and not the TV. !


Well, its time to say good bye to 2018!  It was a great year, we have had so much fun, laughs, worked very hard.

Our group has come a very long way since we opened our doors January 2017!  We could not be more please with the loving family we have gotten. Don’t get me wrong our boxers are the best but there are times when they do not like us at all. We relish those times, as long as they leave us with a smile.

I did get behind in blogging during 2018, promise to do better next year. I realize all of you do not use Facebook and this is a great alternative.

So happy to be starting 2019 with all of you !

Love and much respect from all the Coaches.

Dawn, Tiffany Jenee, Marilyn Al, Kat, and Chuck