I am aware !

Below was written by one of the courageous boxers participating in Rock Steady Boxing. The coach that trained us in Indianapolis posted, I thought it was so moving, I wanted to share.

Please read..very powerful!

It’s Parkinson’s Awareness month.

I’m aware I have Parkinson’s Disease.

I’m aware Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease of the brain and there is no cure. My brain doesn’t produce dopamine the way it should. I won’t die from Parkinson’s. I will die with it.

I’m aware I am the daughter of the King and nothing can touch me that hasn’t passed through my heavenly Father’s hands.

I’m aware God has provisioned me perfectly for this time. Every experience I’ve ever had has prepared me for now.

I’m aware I can shake martinis like a boss.

I’m aware heavy exercise is proven to slow or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. I’m glad I’m an athlete.

I’m aware my friends and family are precious as I go down this path.

I’m aware Rock Steady Boxing has been a delightful community for me. My new friends have welcomed me with open, loving arms. They’ve spent 12 years getting ready for me at this moment in time. I love each of them.

I’m aware I own a business where the people are remarkable and loving and serving with me in a remarkable way.

I’m aware I feel great. Every once in awhile I’m tired. I get some tremors in my left arm. And there’s a few aches and pains here and there which I’m convinced are due to my well meaning, slightly sadistic fitness trainers mistaking me for an Olympian.

I’m aware while I feel great, many who have Parkinson’s don’t feel great. We need a cure.

I’m aware I’m a warrior. I’ve beaten many obstacles in my life. Thank you Lord. The more I overcome, the stronger I become. Glory!

It’s Parkinson’s Awareness month and I’m aware.

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