The boxers and trainers at Rock Steady Boxing North Houston have become a family bound by the effects of Parkinson’s and the positive influences that rock steady has on body and mind. Never was there a belief that rock steady would aid in real life boxing or using the skills learned to defend oneself.

WE ARE JUST SAYIN’ that when one of our early boxers Al Alford was confronted with a potentially life threatening situation rock steady came into play. Here is the story, Al was coming out of his house before Christmas, and noticed someone entering his parked truck. He went up to the person and asked what he was up to, the next thing to happen was a blow to Al’s face. That was the last blow attempted or landed by the thief, Al remembered as we all do, 1, 2, step in 3, 4. The thief was then on the ground and stayed there until the police came. Believe it or not the thief had just gotten out of jail that morning, going back into jail in the afternoon due to Al’ s quick and decisive response.

WE ARE JUST SAYIN’ just because you have Parkinsons doesn’t mean you are helpless especially after training at Rock Steady.

WE ARE JUST SAYIN’ even though our goal is a better life with Parkinsons a side benefit may well be the ability to defend your life and property. If you don’t believe us ask Al, WE ARE JUST SAYIN’.

IMG_1320 Just Sayin

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